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The variety of streaming apps and services is huge. Yet, Netflix remains the most popular and wanted options. User outside the countries where Netflix is available often look for ways (like VPN installation) to bypass restrictions and enjoy numerous shows and films. Today we’ll discuss a simpler way by simply getting a different streaming service.

The best streaming apps aside from Netflix

When you need streaming services very similar to Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime will be the best options. They have similar interfaces, great selection of options, and wider coverage. It’s also very easy to stream them on your tablets, smartphones, etc. These companies also order original series and TV movies in different genres.

Another option is to get HBO Now or CBS All Access. These apps can become great Netflix alternatives. Moreover, they bring such shows as Big Little Lies and Game of Thrones (as well as its future spinoff).

Finally, there are lots of free options you can get instead of trying to install Netflix. They include YouTube, Crackle, and Tubi TV. Mind that the last two are going to be limited. Yet, they’ve got a few hundred films and series for you to enjoy.

You can install several options and get an even wider selection of choices. All streaming apps have something unique to offer.