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When you suddenly realize than Netflix is not enough anymore, you can add some similar streaming services and discover the whole new selection of films, series, sitcoms, etc. Let’s discuss the best alternatives to your favorite streaming service.

Top solutions you are going to like

One of the biggest streaming apps is Amazon Prime. It has thousands of films and series to offer. You are sure to find something to your taste. Mind that some content is available for Prime Members only. If you have this membership, the content will be included in your payment. Otherwise, you can get a standalone subscription.
Another great choice is to start using Hulu as well. This streaming service has lots to offer including some rare finds. Moreover, it has some original shows and series including the revival of the Veronica Mars series.

Other options worth your attention

Companies like HBO, CBS, The CW, and others have their streaming apps as well. Here you can catch up with the latest episodes of your favorite series. For instance, HBO Now allows you to stream its multi-awarded Big Little Lies series. CBS All Access owns The Big Bang Theory sitcom. The CW delivers the latest episodes only for a limited time. You can watch the show you missed absolutely for free starting from the next day after it aired.
Finally, you can get lots of free things with Crackle, Tubi TV, and YouTube.