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Netflix is probably the biggest streaming service in the world. It’s definitely the most well-known one. However, if it doesn’t work in your region, there are lots of great alternatives that deliver an excellent selection of movies, series, and shows. Let’s go over the top 10 most popular alternatives.

The best streaming services you should try

1. Amazon Prime, which is one of the biggest Netflix’s rivals, is a very popular solution. It offers tons of content, original shows, movies, etc. You can enjoy it from any device since it also has mobile and online versions. In case you are already a Prime Member, the subscription is already included. Besides, you can get it as a standalone service, too.

2. HBO Now. The company’s streaming service has lots to offer including series like Big Little Lies and Game of Thrones.

3. Hulu is a good alternative, too. In recent years, it has expended a lot and ordered several original series. Check it out!

4. Crackle is free and has over 150 films and 75 shows to offer.

5. CBS All Access is perfect for the fan of CBS shows like The Big Bang Theory, Blue Bloods, etc.

6. Acorn TV has lots of classic shows like Midsomer Murders.

7. YouTube. It’s a great free alternative which also provides with all sorts of entertaining videos.

8. Fandor offers over 4 000 films which you won’t find on Netflix.

9. Tubi TV reminds of Crackle. It’s a free service which is limited in options but still offers good content.

10. Apple TV +. It’s an upcoming Netflix alternative which is sure to win you over.