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Netflix is a wonderful streaming service that delivers a huge selection of films, series, sitcoms, shows, etc. The list of available content is regularly updated. Moreover, the company gets its original films and series. Yet, people sometimes wonder if there are any alternatives to it. Some of them simply don’t find something particular, others wish to get an even bigger selection. Let’s go over 10 streaming apps that will be a great addition or alternative to Netflix.

The list of most popular streaming services

1. Amazon Prime is the biggest service on this list. Here you can watch lots of free films and get access to Prime content if you are a Prime Member. In case you are not, you can become one or get a standalone subscription. You are also able to buy or rent films and series.

2. Hulu is a big streaming app that’s constantly growing. It now has some original content, too.

3. HBO Now allows you to get the company’s shows like Big Little Lies, Game of Thrones, etc.

4. CBS All Access also brings a lot to the industry with such popular sitcom as The Big Bang Theory and others.

5. YouTube can interest you in tons of videos. Some of them are sure to be better than any other movie.

6. 123movies ( offers a selection of 50 000 films.

7. Acorn TV has classic films and series.

8. Crackle is free and has about 200 titles on its list.

9. Tubi TV is very similar to Crackle.

10. Hallmark Movies has only original content.